mouse cursor hidden software for windows

Cursor Hider is a software to hide mouse cursor for MS Windows XP/Vista/7/8 worked in any applications.

Options - Type of hiding

By default, after clear installation "Type of hiding" set to "Auto mode". In "Auto mode" application selects direction to move pointer out of screen self. "Your Display" shows selected direction by dot.
Cursor Hider - Type Of Hiding - Auto mode

In "Manual mode" you select direction or "no move, only hide".
The direction has to provide no conflicts with other application, taskbar, etc.
Use "No move" option for prevent any motion mouse pointer. In this case software doesn't guarantee the hiding any mouse cursor,  system cursors will be hided only.

Cursor Hider - Type of Hiding - Manual mode
For versions prior 1.8.1 see description here


In this release "Type of hiding" setting moved to new option tab with visual define a direction to move out mouse pointer.

Also corrected interface for Windows 8 release compability.