Beware fake software!

Beware to download and install titles "Cursor Hider Downloader" file size 1.76 mb and "Cursor Hider Program" file size 4.40 mb by as screenshoted below:

These are not trusted files and may contains viruses, trojan, malware, adware. Notice that Cursor Hider is freeware since version 1.7 and has the digital signature. Previous versions has shareware license. Be careful. Keep your computer clean and work.

internet explorer hide mouse pointer

To hide mouse cursor on your html page try this code

To hide mouse pointer not only html page free try and use Cursor Hider.

Automatically hide the mouse cursor

Cursor Hider hides mouse pointer automatically after mouse idle or any user keystrokes. User may set time to hide cursor.

Application to hide the mouse cursor

Cursor Hider is a free application to hide the mouse cursor. It is installed to system, place application icon to system tray area to indicate working mode (pointer is visible or hidden, Cursor Hider is disabled). User may set hot keys to control Cursor Hider from keyboard.

Cursor Hider Freeware

Cursor Hider was free only version 1.7.1.x for personal use.
Any others version is required registration code to use.  See details when registration required.

Hide pointer while typing

MS Windows hides mouse pointer while typing in the some edit controls only. It does not work in the all applications. Such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

Cursor Hider hides mouse cursor in the any applications after first keystroke.

Mouse cursor turn off program

Cursor Hider allows turn off (make invisible) mouse pointer for all applications. It is useful for touch input devices, info kiosks, info panels. To activate this mode activate "Hide mouse pointer permanently" setting in the software Options.

Remove mouse cursor

To remove mouse cursor from view point area place hand on the pointing device (mouse, touchpad or trackball) and do moving action. Then return hand to keyboard to continue typing.

Cursor Hider does it for typewriter transparently.

The mouse pointer disappears

It happens when Cursor Hider working in usual or total hiding mode. Some other software may hide cursor too in the window.

Alternative keyboard switcher

Cursor Hider has an alternative keyboard layouts switcher. Turn on this option to select layout directly or rotate all layouts in the cycle.