Free download auto hide and show mouse cursor software

Download Cursor Hider free. Get link to download at right column of page.

How to hide desktop mouse cursor?

Dowload, install and use Cursor Hider to hide desktop mouse cursor

Hide mouse cursor program

Cursor Hider is a program for hide the desktop mouse cursor.

Free program for hide mouse cursor

Cursor Hider is full functional try-before-buy software with trial period in 30 days. No limitations, nag screen only.

Auto-Hide mouse cursor

Cursor Hider has mode to auto hide mouse pointer after some seconds. Or hide pointer after keystroke. Or do invisible mouse cursor for all applications.

Software to hide the mouse cursor from the decktop of pc

Cursor Hider is software to hide the mouse cursor from the desktop.

Hide mouse cursor software

Cursor Hider does it. It hides the mouse pointer in any applications.

Version history - Fix for report "not working", sometimes it happened sinse 1.6.12.* - Fixed "Time to hide pointer" - removed spare second. - No admin nor poweruser rights for install required. Added option to turn on/off running software
on Windows startup. - Fixed working in 1-8 modes of Type of Hiding. Mandatory update.

Free download auto hide mouse cursor

Download Cursor Hider is free. Cursor Hider is a tool to auto hide/show mouse pointer.

Software to hide mouse cursor in windows 7

Cursor Hider is this software. Download (link to actual version at right of page) and try it for free.

Options - Cursor Hider - Hide pointer with mouse wheel scrolling

This option is available when "Type of hiding" set to 0

It allows hide mouse cursor when user twirl mouse wheel (scroll documents) so pointer does not block the area viewed (text, pictures, hyperlinks).
With values "Type of hiding" different from 0 nothing happens with mouse pointer.

Cursor Hider options - Hide pointer with mouse wheel twirling.