Options - Keyboard Layouts Switcher

By default MS Windows has 2-keys-action for changing international keyboard layouts/input languages. They are Ctrl-Shift, Alt-Shift or one  key (') that is not accepted in non english layouts (Russia, etc, anywhere this key has international char).
2-keys-action is not comfortable if you are typing fast or very fast.

Cursor Hider offers One Key switcher for fast select or rotate input languages.

Options - Keyboard Layouts Switcher. Right Shift, Right Ctrl keys are activated to change layouts.
User can set the key (for example, Left Shift) to activate Ru (Russian) layout and Right Shift to activate US (American) language. Set Rotate Languages all installed input languages in drop down list at right of language description field.

Keyboard Layouts Switcher. Left shift turns on English. Right shift turns on Russian. Right Ctrl - Rotate layouts.