Hide mouse cursor on html page

Cursor Hider works anywhere but sometime we need hide mouse pointer on html page only. We discovered this theme.
Get Cursor Hider to hide mouse pointer in any browsers.
Html code to hide cusror with comments below:

Text block without cursor works in FireFox and Chrome

Another block works in IE only (Google Chrome browser demonstrates Black Square Bug  in edit mode when I edit this text in the blogger online editor.)

To hide caret in the text field (Internet Explorer only) use javascript's setFocus() method to move focus on an other visible (or invisible) text input field or set input's "disabled" property
<input disabled="true" onfocus="return false;" readonly="true" size="60" style="cursor: url(;" type="text" value="Text field without mouse cursor" />

Download "none.cur" from

Opera does not support neither custom cursors nor "none" cursor style.

And its source:


<div style="cursor: none;">Text block without cursor works in FireFox and Chrome</div>
<div style="cursor: url('none.cur');">Another block works in IE only</div>