Hide cursor with keystroke

The first Cursor Hider version had the one function - hide mouse pointer with keystroke. In that time Windows 95/95OSR2/98 had no similar integrated functional. Only in Windows Me was added mouse pointer hiding in the text editing fields. But it did not work in all applications. Cursor Hider worked anywhere.

Now some application doesn't support this functional yet (Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, for example). And practically all applications keep mouse pointer visible in non text areas, such as images and video.
So Cursor Hider is still actual in the ХХI century.

Option windows. Setting "Quantity of keystrokes" set to "1"
The setting "Quantity of keystrokes" allows turn on or turn off this feature. Set to "0" to turn off it.
Set to "1" to hide cursor after one keystroke.