Now disable mode is for only cursor hider function. Other function is stiil working and may turn off in the Options.

mouse cursor hidden software for windows

Cursor Hider is a software to hide mouse cursor for MS Windows XP/Vista/7/8 worked in any applications.

Options - Type of hiding

By default, after clear installation "Type of hiding" set to "Auto mode". In "Auto mode" application selects direction to move pointer out of screen self. "Your Display" shows selected direction by dot.
Cursor Hider - Type Of Hiding - Auto mode

In "Manual mode" you select direction or "no move, only hide".
The direction has to provide no conflicts with other application, taskbar, etc.
Use "No move" option for prevent any motion mouse pointer. In this case software doesn't guarantee the hiding any mouse cursor,  system cursors will be hided only.

Cursor Hider - Type of Hiding - Manual mode
For versions prior 1.8.1 see description here


In this release "Type of hiding" setting moved to new option tab with visual define a direction to move out mouse pointer.

Also corrected interface for Windows 8 release compability. with fix for prevent screensaver interruption.

Canadian and Nippon software

Cursor Hider is working perfectly on canadian, japan, chines Windows versions. Software interface is only English but it is very simple to understanding.

Disable mouse pointer

With Cursor Hider you may disable mouse pointer at all, no mouse cursor on screen, by hot key enable or than disable again.

Beware fake software!

Beware to download and install titles "Cursor Hider Downloader" file size 1.76 mb and "Cursor Hider Program" file size 4.40 mb by as screenshoted below:

These are not trusted files and may contains viruses, trojan, malware, adware. Notice that Cursor Hider is freeware since version 1.7 and has the digital signature. Previous versions has shareware license. Be careful. Keep your computer clean and work.

internet explorer hide mouse pointer

To hide mouse cursor on your html page try this code

To hide mouse pointer not only html page free try and use Cursor Hider.

Automatically hide the mouse cursor

Cursor Hider hides mouse pointer automatically after mouse idle or any user keystrokes. User may set time to hide cursor.

Application to hide the mouse cursor

Cursor Hider is a free application to hide the mouse cursor. It is installed to system, place application icon to system tray area to indicate working mode (pointer is visible or hidden, Cursor Hider is disabled). User may set hot keys to control Cursor Hider from keyboard.

Cursor Hider Freeware

Cursor Hider was free only version 1.7.1.x for personal use.
Any others version is required registration code to use.  See details when registration required.

Hide pointer while typing

MS Windows hides mouse pointer while typing in the some edit controls only. It does not work in the all applications. Such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

Cursor Hider hides mouse cursor in the any applications after first keystroke.

Mouse cursor turn off program

Cursor Hider allows turn off (make invisible) mouse pointer for all applications. It is useful for touch input devices, info kiosks, info panels. To activate this mode activate "Hide mouse pointer permanently" setting in the software Options.

Remove mouse cursor

To remove mouse cursor from view point area place hand on the pointing device (mouse, touchpad or trackball) and do moving action. Then return hand to keyboard to continue typing.

Cursor Hider does it for typewriter transparently.

The mouse pointer disappears

It happens when Cursor Hider working in usual or total hiding mode. Some other software may hide cursor too in the window.

Alternative keyboard switcher

Cursor Hider has an alternative keyboard layouts switcher. Turn on this option to select layout directly or rotate all layouts in the cycle. 

Digital signature for Cursor Hider

Cursor Hider software and  installation file signed digital signature since version
Publisher: Nikolay Kuznetsov. It is me.

How to hide window 7 mouse cursor?

Install Cursor Hider, run it (started after installation), press any key or wait 3 seconds (by default, changes in the Options) and cursor will disappear.

Windows XP mouse cursor hider

Cursor Hider works fine on Windows XP

Auto-hide desktop mouse cursor

Cursor Hider hides the desktop mouse pointer after keystrokes and in mouse action idle (auto-hide mode).

Free download auto hide and show mouse cursor software

Download Cursor Hider free. Get link to download at right column of page.

How to hide desktop mouse cursor?

Dowload, install and use Cursor Hider to hide desktop mouse cursor

Hide mouse cursor program

Cursor Hider is a program for hide the desktop mouse cursor.

Free program for hide mouse cursor

Cursor Hider is full functional try-before-buy software with trial period in 30 days. No limitations, nag screen only.

Auto-Hide mouse cursor

Cursor Hider has mode to auto hide mouse pointer after some seconds. Or hide pointer after keystroke. Or do invisible mouse cursor for all applications.

Software to hide the mouse cursor from the decktop of pc

Cursor Hider is software to hide the mouse cursor from the desktop.

Hide mouse cursor software

Cursor Hider does it. It hides the mouse pointer in any applications.

Version history - Fix for report "not working", sometimes it happened sinse 1.6.12.* - Fixed "Time to hide pointer" - removed spare second. - No admin nor poweruser rights for install required. Added option to turn on/off running software
on Windows startup. - Fixed working in 1-8 modes of Type of Hiding. Mandatory update.

Free download auto hide mouse cursor

Download Cursor Hider is free. Cursor Hider is a tool to auto hide/show mouse pointer.

Software to hide mouse cursor in windows 7

Cursor Hider is this software. Download (link to actual version at right of page) and try it for free.

Options - Cursor Hider - Hide pointer with mouse wheel scrolling

This option is available when "Type of hiding" set to 0

It allows hide mouse cursor when user twirl mouse wheel (scroll documents) so pointer does not block the area viewed (text, pictures, hyperlinks).
With values "Type of hiding" different from 0 nothing happens with mouse pointer.

Cursor Hider options - Hide pointer with mouse wheel twirling.


Cursor Hider is not free software. It is try-before-buy. Trial period is 30 days without any functional limitations.
For personal, business, educational, government or social purposes you should still purchase. Link to start purchase process.

Portable version

Cursor Hider has not portable version yet. Software stores settings and registration information into Windows registry. All registry keys create in first time launch. So advanced user may copy executable file (cursorhider.exe) from installation folder to removable device (flash, etc) for next launch software from it as unregistered trial.

Hide mouse cursor on html page

Cursor Hider works anywhere but sometime we need hide mouse pointer on html page only. We discovered this theme.
Get Cursor Hider to hide mouse pointer in any browsers.
Html code to hide cusror with comments below:

Text block without cursor works in FireFox and Chrome

Another block works in IE only (Google Chrome browser demonstrates Black Square Bug  in edit mode when I edit this text in the blogger online editor.)

To hide caret in the text field (Internet Explorer only) use javascript's setFocus() method to move focus on an other visible (or invisible) text input field or set input's "disabled" property
<input disabled="true" onfocus="return false;" readonly="true" size="60" style="cursor: url(;" type="text" value="Text field without mouse cursor" />

Download "none.cur" from

Opera does not support neither custom cursors nor "none" cursor style.

And its source:


<div style="cursor: none;">Text block without cursor works in FireFox and Chrome</div>
<div style="cursor: url('none.cur');">Another block works in IE only</div>


How to enter registration code

After Cursor Hider purchased you get the email with registration code. Copy code from registration email. And do next steps. Corporate users may apply silent install for storing registration key as one step.

Click right mouse button on Cursor Hider icon (arrow) to call context menu and select upper item to show About window.
Cursor Hider context menu.
About window displays unregistered message and time trial left. Press "Register now" button to visit online store to purchase software. Press "Evaluate" to use trial version. Follow "Enter reg code" to register software.

About window. Nag screen.
 Paste registration code to edit field (Ctrl-C or press "Paste" button)...

Cursor Hider ready to paste registration code.

 ... then click "Check code" button

Registration code pasted.

If registration code is valid you will see this message. Click Ok button to restart software.
Pre-restart message for valid registration code.

After registration About window displays registration information (User and quantity licenses)

About window with registration information.

If registration code was copied not correct from registration code this message appears.

Warning about not correct copied registration code from email.

Cursor Hider crack

Search engines give a lot of links for query "cursor hider crack".


Downloaded files may contain malware, viruses, trojans, etc. may destroy Windows, may to steal private and finance data.

Keep your computer safe.

Use only genuine software. Download software from vendor site. Do not use pirated software.

Cursor Hider serial

Search engines give a lot of links for query "cursor hider serial".


Downloaded files may contain malware, viruses, trojans, etc. may destroy Windows, may to steal private and finance data.

Keep your computer safe.

Use only genuine software. Download software from vendor site. Do not use pirated software.

Cursor Hider keygen

Search engines give a lot of links for query "cursor hider keygen".


Downloaded files may contain malware, viruses, trojans, etc. may destroy Windows, may to steal private and finance data.

Keep your computer safe.

Use only genuine software. Download software from vendor site. Do not use pirated software.

Options - Cursor Hider - Hot key to turn on off Cursor Hider

Cursor Hider may be temporarily disabled for some reasons.

Set hot key to fast Cursor Hider disabling. 
In the Options window place mouse pointer to the field and press hot key combination.

Other way - using context menu from tray area. Select "Disable" menu item for. Cursor Hider's icon will changed to red cross arrow. 
Cursor Hide is in disabled mode.
Options - Cursor Hider - Hot key to turn on/off. No hot key install (Нет)

Options - Cursor Hider - Check Screensaver activity

In the some configurations Cursor Hider prevent screensavers properly working. We added setting "Check Screensaver activity" to fix it.

Turn on (or off) this checkbox when Screensaver starts flashing - opens and immediately closes and so repeats again.

Cursor Hider is checking that screensaver is running and is not doing any mouse moves and keypresses.

By default this setting is On.

Options. Check Screensaver activity checkbox is On.

Custom cursors

Cursor Hider supports custom cursors in applications. Animated, color or black-white cursors are not changed by our software.

Options - Applications Launcher

This feature allows to run other applications fast and easy. Simply press selected key twice (similar mouse button double click)  to start an application.  

User may setup 3 applications. Cursor Hider uses Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys for this feature because these keys return to the initial state after double keystrokes.

Options- Applications Launcher. Activated Num Lock and Caps Lock keys. By double keystrokes calculator will started.

Cursor Hider is programmed to use the one instance of the called software. So if you ran Calculator earlier and then want run it again Cursor Hider will try to use already the working Calculator instead starting a new instance.

Options - Keyboard Layouts Switcher

By default MS Windows has 2-keys-action for changing international keyboard layouts/input languages. They are Ctrl-Shift, Alt-Shift or one  key (') that is not accepted in non english layouts (Russia, etc, anywhere this key has international char).
2-keys-action is not comfortable if you are typing fast or very fast.

Cursor Hider offers One Key switcher for fast select or rotate input languages.

Options - Keyboard Layouts Switcher. Right Shift, Right Ctrl keys are activated to change layouts.
User can set the key (for example, Left Shift) to activate Ru (Russian) layout and Right Shift to activate US (American) language. Set Rotate Languages all installed input languages in drop down list at right of language description field.

Keyboard Layouts Switcher. Left shift turns on English. Right shift turns on Russian. Right Ctrl - Rotate layouts.

Options - Other options

Other options are experimental features. They are kept for compatibility with older version.

Other Options tab screenshot.

Options - Ok, Close, Apply, Help buttons

Control buttons. Online Help not enabled yet on this screenshot.

To apply setting's changes without closing window - click Apply button only.

To apply and close Options window - click Ok button.

To close Options window without storing changes - click Close button, if you pressed Apply button before all changes will apply.

"Online Help" link opens this web site with selected "help" tag.

Completely hiding mode

This mode has been using for special applications: ATM, info kiosk, presentation machine, touch based interface everywhere mouse cursor has to be invisible while an application working and keep access to touch/remote interface or keyboard to control computer.

How to turn on this feature see Options - Cursor Hider - Hide pointer completely and permanently
and hot key description for change the setting on fly.

Hide pointer in mouse idle

During we watch streaming video (YouTube, Vimeo, RedTube $) or TV on Pc we do not touch mouse or touchpad on notebooks at a long time. We haven't see mouse pointer over image. Cursor Hider does it. It removes mouse pointer after a some seconds mouse idle (see Options for set this value) for you.

If you have not a mouse device on special pc configuration (info kiosk, windows terminal, ATM, etc) no way to  move out mouse pointer from screen center. Cursor Hider does it too.


This page collects all software screenshots linked to pages with description
Options -  Cursor Hider (for versions after 1.8.1)
Options - Cursor Hider (for versions prior 1.8.1)
White arrow - cursor is visible
Framed arrow   - cursor is hiden

Crossed red lines - Cursor Hider is disabled.

Options - Applications Launcher
Options - Keyboard Layouts Switcher

Trial version

Trial version has no feature limitations. Only 30 days time limited and a nag screen after 10 days of installation. You may using trial software for test or in complex with some application for a specific task. Then uninstall or purchase software.

Black square bug

We has a several bug's reports describes as a "Black square" in the place where was mouse pointer before hide. We discovered this bug found it appears on some computers, never on others and always under virtual machine (VMWare, Virtual Box with Guest add-on installed).
It is incompatibility with  some video card or video card drivers.

To fix this bug, go to "Control Panel", Open "Mouse" applet, activate "Pointers" tab. Clear "Enable pointer shadow" checkbox to turn off shadow. Press Ok or Apply button. No Black square anymore.

Control panel mouse enable/disable pointer shadow
Mouse pointer shadow in Windows XP. Clear it to fix Black square bug.
See also Google Chrome browser black square bug

Download Cursor Hider to test your system for black square bug.

Hide cursor with keystroke

The first Cursor Hider version had the one function - hide mouse pointer with keystroke. In that time Windows 95/95OSR2/98 had no similar integrated functional. Only in Windows Me was added mouse pointer hiding in the text editing fields. But it did not work in all applications. Cursor Hider worked anywhere.

Now some application doesn't support this functional yet (Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, for example). And practically all applications keep mouse pointer visible in non text areas, such as images and video.
So Cursor Hider is still actual in the ХХI century.

Option windows. Setting "Quantity of keystrokes" set to "1"
The setting "Quantity of keystrokes" allows turn on or turn off this feature. Set to "0" to turn off it.
Set to "1" to hide cursor after one keystroke.

Options - Cursor Hider - Type of hiding

For versions prior 1.8.1, for versions start 1.8.1 see here

By default Cursor Hider hides mouse pointer by changing current cursor to transparent cursor (do it invisible).
Some applications (MS Excel, Windows Media Player, games, etc)  prevents changes cursor to other. For these cases Cursor Hider has the setting "Type of hiding" to additional moving mouse pointer out of working window or even out of screen for full screen applications where cursor's image may be changed to transparent image.
With any mouse action (moving or clicks) mouse pointer is returned to stored position and reverted application custom cursor.

Screenshot Options window. "Type of hiding" set to 0.

"Type of hiding" values define direction where pointer will moved.
0 - no moving, hide only.
1 - move out of left-upper corner of screen.
2 - move out of upper side of screen
3 - move out of right-upper corner
4 - move out of right side
5 - out of right-bottom
6 - out of bottom side
7 - out of left-bottom
8 - out of left side

Sometimes cursor moving is conflicted  with other applications such as windows task bar is in auto hide mode, toolbars or hidden application activated by mouse moving over some screen area, usually near by screen sides.

To exclude conflicts with other applications change "Type of hiding" (read as "Direction") to other non conflicted value.

Hide mouse pointer with mouse wheel actions

When we scroll a web page or a Word documents by Mouse Wheel  twirling cursor blocks some text us. Mouse pointer is changed its form  (arrow -> hands -> arrow) during web pages scrolling also.
Cursor Hider do pointer invisible to prevent  information blocking.

This feature working for "Options - Cursor Hider - Type of hiding" value equal "0" only.
For other values this feature disabled.

Options - Cursor Hider. Hide pointer with mouse wheel turn on. Type of hiding set to "0"

Request support

To request support visit link below and fill form correctly

Cursor Hider Compatibility OS list

Below listed Operating Systems where Cursor Hider runs and works or not.
  • Windows 8 DP/Server/Consumer Preview/Release Preview
    • Tested. Works. In Metro interface too.
  • Windows 7 32/64 bit All editions
    • Tested and works.
  • Windows Vista All editions 32 and 64 bit.
    • Tested and Works. Compatible with UAC. Works with user privileges. 
  • Windows XP Pro/Home Edition 32 and 64 bit
    • Tested and fine works.
  • Windows Server 2003
    • Tested and Works
  • Windows 2000 SP1/SP2/SP2/SP4
    • Tested on Workstation Edition. No troubles found.
  • Windows NT 4
    • Tested version before 1.5. May required latest service pack SP6a to work.
  • Windows NT 3.51
    • Not tested.
  • Windows 98/98SE/Me
  • Windows 95/95OSR2
    • Tested old versions before 1.5.x. Required Internet Explorer 4 or high.
  • Windows CE, Windows Phone 7.x, Android, iOS
    • not supported
  • Linux 
    • It is not target platform. Did not test with Windows emulators WINE, etc. Some Desktop Enviroments has  a similar functional.
  • MacOS X 
    • has an integrated similar functional.

Cursor Hider Pad file

You may found Cursor Hider PAD (Portable Application Description) file to submit to software listing library (fro example here:

Supporting Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows Me

Cursor Hider 1.4.x (or older) supports Microsoft Windows 98 (and Microsoft Windows 9x/Me).
Link to download this branch latest version
Versions started 1.5.x (1.6.x, 2.x, etc) works in Windows 2000 (tested), Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 DP/CP/RP (tested).
Download actual version

Download Cursor Hider

Link to download latest version for Windows 7/Vista/XP :

Zipped installation file:

See OS compatible list for more details and download link for Windows 9x